#I-7 – Tori Mistik, Wear Wag Repeat – Where New Petpreneurs Struggle

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Business Management, People Management

Tori Mistik of Wear Wag Repeat is a business coach for Petpreneurs. She works with business owners of all pet industries and even has a community for those wanting to grow their businesses.

Tori has seen it all, in today’s episode she discusses where lots of new petpreneurs struggle with their business. While the focus was on new businesses, there is a lot that is applicable to seasoned businesses as well.

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What you will find in this episode:

In this interview with Tori we talk about marketing strategies that work and don’t work drawn from Tori’s decade plus as a Petpreneur!

Here are the highlights from our conversation:

Marketing can be fun! | 3:20

The importance of your online presence to grow your business |5:27

Why you need more than just an Instagram account | 7:47

The power of an email list | 10:23

Great ideas to email to your list | 12:19

Reduce your workload by creating email sequences | 13:48

Why banking on going viral isn’t a great marketing strategy | 15:43

How to get social media to work for you | 19:11

Why you should be posting when your dog trashes your kitchen | 22:11

You can’t be everything to everyone | 26:10

Balancing specialization with being a one-person show | 28:28

The value of a year-end review | 32:00

More services/products you sell don’t always equal more income | 34:59

What to do with the tension and friction in your business | 38:38

In a nutshell – the four biggest mistakes in petpreneurship | 42:06

The importance of taking time to reflect | 43:24

What to ask yourself during your annual review | 44:30

Creating a welcoming environment in the dog world | 45:54

Connect with Tori:

Website: https://wearwagrepeat.com/

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