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Running a Dog Breeding Business is Complicated

Not only is running a dog breeding business dynamic with lots of different hats to wear and things to manage, but it’s hard to talk about with people, it’s so unique it’s hard to find someone who gets it and can help you sort things out. It’s hard to toss around priorities, how to implement new systems, and to diagnose what’s not working. 

Let me help you! 

As a dog breeder and business strategist, I’m perfectly positioned to help you sort through your dog breeding business. My goal with my clients is to help them figure out where what priorities are, so you know where to put your focus and energy, but I can also help you trim the fat in your program and save you time and energy on unnecessary tasks, helping you replace them with cheaper, faster, and easier methods, without compromising the integrity of your program. 

Whether you just have a few questions or if you want to work with me one-on-one for coaching for an extended period of time, it all starts with a free 30 minute call with me, please fill out the application below and we’ll get started!

Why Hire Me?

I’ve been running a profitable dog breeding business for the last decade, but it wasn’t always that easy. I’ve been through the ringer: I have dealt with marketing struggles, website rebuilds and redesigns, giardia and parvo, facility builds, and even a few less-than-desireable buyers. 

I’ve tried a lof things, failed at a lot of things, then learned the ways to be successful, all while maintaining my integrity with my dogs, puppies, and buyers. 

Beyond my personal experience, I’ve helped hundreds of breeders in various breeds grow their breeding programs into businesses that they love, profitable businesses. 

I believe a dog breeder must make a profit in order to do right by their dogs, puppies, buyers, and their own family. I will share my knowledge from my own experience and the industry to help you find the perfect solution for you.


do i have to do it your way?

Absolutely not!! In all my experience, I’ve yet to meet two breeding programs that were the same and needed the same things. In fact, somethings that worked for me when my kids were younger don’t work for me anymore and I’ve made adjustments. 

All breeding programs are different. 

My goal is to help you sort out the solutions to find the one that makes the most sense for you. I also consider your life and your priorities when advising. This means that I will work to help you figure out a solution that fits into your life, even if that means you need to spend less time on the dogs. Most breeders are breeding because of the lifestyle in addition to the love of the dogs, therefore we need to consider your life and lifestyle when making adjustments in your program. 

I have a wide variety of solutions to all problems, and I will share the options, along with the pros and cons of those options to give you solutions in a sort of platter style, where you can sample the solutions and ultimately decide what you want to do based on what’s best for you.