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Making Social Media Faster and Easier for Dog Breeders

I talk with so many breeders and, generally speaking, social media feels like a struggle. Everyone knows it’s important, but they find it difficult to find a flow, to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. Then so many breeders were frustrated because they spent so much time cultivating their social media and it wasn’t working. It wasn’t turning into sales. It put you between a rock and a hard place:
I need to advertise my dogs, but I don’t have ‘extra’ time to chat with tire kickers.

Always begging the question:

“How can I get to the right people? How can I attract the right buyers to my breeding program? How do I use social media to sell dogs?

When I looked back to my social media, when I was dabbling in it and was getting results, it wasn’t because I used a new feature on instagram, it wasn’t because I had hired a professional photographer, which wasn’t really in my budget back then. It was because I spoke to my ideal puppy buyer. I told them the things they needed to know about me and my dogs to be sold on my program.

It sounds specific, but really, the concept can be adapted for success in any breeding program.

I wrote a MasterClass called Make-Your-Own-Chili (MYOC) Social Media Planner. It was designed around a Betty Crocker cookbook I received for my wedding many years ago. Inside the book they had a few pages where they showed how you could make any chili with any ingredients you had on hand, they gave options for beans, meats, spices, and veggies. It was so great because you could make all these different chilis so long as you had something from each category. That simple chili recipe page is what I figured you could do with social media posts. All posts needed certain criteria, certain elements, they were all different, and yet, the same.

While this was helpful for some breeders, others still didn’t find that understanding the formula was enough support. They were still struggling to come up with ideas within the categories inside the MYOC social media recipe. It was suggested by a breeder that it would be so helpful if all the social media posts had templates and they just needed to adjust them for their program. They had said they’d tried other services who did this, but that they were so far from breeding it was difficult to use them.


My team and I tossed the idea around, could we do it? Could we write templates for dog breeding content that worked for all breeders? So we tried it. We would write out posts guided by the categories of the MYOC Masterclass and then reverse engineer them to be a sort of Mad-Libs style, where there are blanks for you to enter what’s specific to your breeding program.

To make it easier still, we have put in brackets suggestions for you to use to give you ideas, in addition to seeing my completed example below the caption. We give you suggestions for the visual to go with it, which makes the planning a little easier. Each caption includes a hook to grab attention and a call-to-action at the end to engage with your audience, boosting your position in the algorithm.

Additionally, with the push toward using email marketing newsletters to better serve our dog buyers, we’ve included multiple emails to use at the end of the captions. There are five emails for you to customize and send to your buyers each month, keeping them in the loop without a whole bunch of effort.

Each month we create new captions and emails.

How do you get the templates?

Templates are crafted each month and released on the 20th, in preparation for the upcoming month, such that on January 20th you’ll get the February posts. The posts aren’t exactly specific, so it’s not a huge deal to use posts in different months. You can mix and match them. Occasionally we’ll add in special posts for holidays or dog-specific days.

The templates are in a Google Doc. The link is shared with you each month and you just duplicate it to your Google Docs and make edits for yourself. With the assistance of the Google Doc app on your phone, you can easily copy completed captions into your social media or use it online if you have a scheduler app you use.

What’s Included?




What Does It Look Like?

Inside the Google Document this is what you see:

  • Caption Category
  • Caption Mad-Libs with Suggestions
  • Example Caption
  • Visual Suggestions
  • Status & Scheduling Area

What Are the Benefits?

You Have a Plan

Often the hardest part of social media is creating a plan. With Breeder Copy Hub, we’ve designed it with a plan that will speak to your ideal puppy buyer. It’s designed to create results, not just give you something post.

Mad-Libs Style

Each template is written in a mad-libs style, easy for you to edit and customize for your breeding program and ideal puppy buyer. We even have an example and suggestions for how you could adapt the caption. 

Visual Suggestions

Each caption has suggested visuals to help you find the perfect visual to use for your caption. These can be adapted to images or short videos, giving you flexibility. You can do the captions first, then select the visuals after for a simple workflow.

Saves You Time

It takes a lot of time to come up with ideas for social media. With Breeder Copy Hub, you save half the time because you don’t have to come up with the idea for your captions and emails. 

designed for engagement

Each caption is written with a hook, body, and call-to-action – the industry standard formula that works to grab attention, provide value, then engage with your audience. It’s in there, so you don’t have to remember!

Easier to Outsource

Sometimes it’s hard to take that final step to schedule your  posts, even when you already have the captions and pictures merged. You can give this document and the images to a VA to schedule everything with your favorite scheduling app!

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