The Dog Breeder Society

The world needs more well-bred dogs and the only consistent source of well-bred dogs is through dog breeders. 

But there’s a problem, it takes a lot of time and dedication to produce puppies who live up to the potential that owners-to-be are looking for. Yet, it’s unsustainable to give this time and dedication without some financial reward at the end. You can’t continue to dip into your personal time and finances so other people can benefit from your dogs, there is a better way.

Do you feel like you get all this money when the pups go home, but it’s gone in a few days, and then it feels tight in between litters?

Maybe you are struggling to find the perfect homes, so you play around with different advertising venues, social media, and price, because nothing seems to give you consistent leads for your dogs.

Many breeders struggle to get their program running in a way that consistently produces high quality dogs, raising them well, sending them home with the perfect owners, and then ending up with a profit at the end.


I’ve been there.


I struggled for years.

I didn’t know so many things!

  • how do I price my puppies?
  • where do I advertise?
  • how many dogs should I have?
  • what kind of facility do I need?
  • what is a proper breeder care plan?
  • how do I make a profit?

 I slaved over these questions. I researched hundreds of hours. Tried all sorts of techniques with different litters, tried different pens, different advertising, different pricing. It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R, but I finally nailed it all down. Figured out all the techniques, tips, and tricks, and I built a breeding program I’m proud of.

I have great dogs that bring wonderful adventures to their families. The dogs are highly sought after. I never have a problem selling them to great homes.

And best of all, it is my full-time job. I get to give my dogs the best, because that’s what they give me.

Being a full-time breeder has allowed me to be a better mom. I get to spend more time with my kids, and I have a daily schedule that I plan, that I love.

What is the dog breeder society?


The Dog Breeder Society is a monthly membership designed for dog breeders who believe in building an honest dog breeding program that also produces a profit. Each month you’ll receive a new Masterclass to help you deep dive into a section of your breeding program. You’ll also get access to the Breeder Copy Hub, which delivers new social media and email templates to your inbox each month. Best of all, the breeders inside DBS are supportive and caring, they want you to succeed and it’s a safe place for breeders of all ages to ask questions and learn. 





What’s Included?




What Does It Look Like?

Inside the Google Document this is what you see:

  • Caption Category
  • Caption Mad-Libs with suggestions in brackets [ ]
  • Example Caption
  • Visual Suggestions
  • Status & Scheduling Area

What Are the Benefits?

You Have a Plan

Often the hardest part of social media is creating a plan. With Breeder Copy Hub, we’ve designed it with a plan that will speak to your ideal puppy buyer. It’s designed to create results, not just give you something post.

Mad-Libs Style

Each template is written in a mad-libs style, easy for you to edit and customize for your breeding program and ideal puppy buyer. We even have an example and suggestions for how you could adapt the caption. 

Visual Suggestions

Each caption has suggested visuals to help you find the perfect visual to use for your caption. These can be adapted to images or short videos, giving you flexibility. You can do the captions first, then select the visuals after for a simple workflow.

Saves You Time

It takes a lot of time to come up with ideas for social media. With Breeder Copy Hub, you save half the time because you don’t have to come up with the idea for your captions and emails. 

designed for engagement

Each caption is written with a hook, body, and call-to-action – the industry standard formula that works to grab attention, provide value, then engage with your audience. It’s in there, so you don’t have to remember!

Easier to Outsource

Sometimes it’s hard to take that final step to schedule your  posts, even when you already have the captions and pictures merged. You can give this document and the images to a VA to schedule everything with your favorite scheduling app!

Breeder Copy Hub is included in the dog breeder society

With a Dog Breeder Society membership, you have access to Breeder Copy Hub, MasterClasses, twice monthly live calls with Julie, discussion groups, and so much more!


Become Breeder Copy Hub Subscriber

Don’t want to be a member of the Dog Breeder Society? No problem! You can just subscribe to Breeder Copy Hub as a stand-alone service!