#I-5 – Kate Hesse – Mental & Emotional Hygiene Coach –on burnout & taking care of yourself as a breeder

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Business Management

Is dog breeding burning you out?

The stress of breeding ebbs and flows and we can certainly make it easier on ourselves, but are you just tired or are you at a point of burnout? In this episode we discuss burnout in dog breeding, how to recognize it, if it’s a signal of depression, and some techniques to quelch the physiological response.

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What you will find in this episode:

This interview with Kate covers everything from what burnout is to how to take care of yourself – especially when your life seems to be filled with stress and chaos!  Here are the highlights from our conversation:

What is mental & emotional hygiene and why does it matter? | 1:50

The physiology behind burnout | 2:54

Coffee’s dirty little secret and why it might not be working for you anymore | 6:15

The difference between burnout, depression, and just feeling tired | 7:11

The first steps in recovering from burnout | 10:03

How to start restoring your energy | 12:07

Taking care of yourself when dealing with the stress and chaos in your life | 13:53

Mindfulness practices and the science behind why they work | 15:11

What to do when you get stuck in negative thought patterns | 18:16

The powerful mindset shift to release regret | 20:01

A simple technique to move from fight, flight, or freeze into rest & digest | 22:35

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