#I-3 – Jody Moffett, DVM on new puppy buyers, breeders and veterinarians, and how temperament affects vet care

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Dog & Puppy Management, People Management

In this episode, I have Dr. Jody Moffett, my favorite veterinarian of all time, she’s simply the best and has put up with me for over 8 years, helping me solve problems with giardia, being patient with all my questions, and entertaining all my wild breeding musings.

I wish there were more veterinarians like her, the ones who are able to keep their heart in the game as much as their mind. She’s a gem of this world and I’m so lucky to know her and my dogs are lucky to have her on my breeding journey.

In today’s episode we discuss things she wished new puppy owners knew, things we can help prepare them for. She discusses some gripes with breeders and where she wishes things were better. We even talk about how the relationship the owner has with their dog often dictates the veterinarian care the dog will receive. I hope you enjoy this thought-felt conversation with Dr. Moffett and I hope you are so lucky to find a wonderful veterinarian like her on your journey.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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What you will find in this episode:

This interview with Jody covers everything from how to build a better relationship with your vet to what your buyers need to know but you might not be thinking about!  Here are the highlights from our conversation:

The importance of a full vaccination series – not just one shot! | 5:38

Setting expectations around the work puppies require | 7:46

Mindset and expectations of owners with purebred vs. mixed breed dogs | 9:27

Can you make a dog who isn’t breeding quality a better candidate for breeding? | 12:26

The role of breeders in making sure new puppy owners have the information they need | 14:08

Focusing on health concerns vs. physical appearance in breeding | 16:45

Thinking about grooming specific to your breed | 17:52

The importance of aligning drives with your buyers’ lifestyle and expectations | 19:21

Awareness of other dogs in the house | 21:51

End of life and grieving awareness | 23:21

Do we over personify our pets? | 29:36

Improving and building the breeder & vet relationship | 32:20

Styles and changes in veterinary training | 36:47

All about teeth cleaning | 39:41

Picking the right food – and why it’s so important | 42:57

Spay/neuter & how to communicate the nuances and timing to your buyers | 44:45

Want to Get the Roadmap to a Successful Breeding Program?

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