#I-1 – Branding with Drew Dzwonkowski

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Business Management

My brother is a master with design and in today’s interview we discuss branding.

If you aren’t familiar, branding is the feeling customers get when they associate with your business. In order to attract the right ideal puppy buyers and build trust with them, you want your brand to make them feel how they want to feel when they get one of your dogs. If they want a dog to bring them adventure and exploration, you want your brand to make them feel adventure and excitement. If they want your dogs to bring them calm, then you want them to feel calm, peace, and simple with your brand. Additionally, you want your brand to have continuity among your platforms so, not only are you easily recognized, but people trust you because you are the same wherever they experience your business. People trust that which is predictable.

Without further ado, here’s Drew and I’s discussion about branding, I hope you enjoy!

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What you will find in this episode:

I had a great time talking with Drew all about branding and design.  Here are the highlights from our conversation.

The Design Process – why you need a brand kit | 3:02

Where to Start Building Your Branding | 6:20

Picking Your Brand Colors | 9:48

Building Your Own Logo | 13:45

How We Created the Dog Breeder Society Badges – why it’s important to play when designing | 15:30

Finding the Right Designer – you get what you pay for | 19:48

The More You Share with Your Designer the Better | 23:41

Updating an Existing Logo | 28:11

Making Your Logo Look Professional | 30:53

Design Secret – Mixing Masculine & Feminine | 34:15

Using Feedback to Improve Your Design | 38:53

The Power of Keeping it Simple | 41:37

The Rebranding Process | 44:17

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Want to Get the Roadmap to a Successful Breeding Program?

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